A temporary filling material

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The DENTINE-PASTE temporary filling material is prepared on the basis of zinc sulphate cement with addition of perfume materials and dyestuffs.


The DENTINE-PASTE temporary filling material does not contain eugenol and is used for coating medicinal preparations in carious cavities of a tooth as temporary fillings.


The DENTINE-PASTE temporary filling material is introduced into the  carious cavity pretreated and dried as a layer 1-2 mm thick by means of a smoother. The paste solidifies during 2 to 3 hours (the patient is recommended not to take food in the course of this time). The paste is removed from the dental cavity by a slight lever-like movement of  a hatchet excavator or a dental explorer.
The paste having been taken for applying a filling, the jar is to betightly closed with a cover to exclude a contact with moisture which enhances the paste solidification.


Paste (a jar) ................. 50 g
Instruction manual ........ 1 pc.


Keep dry, in tightly closed containers, at a temperature of +4 oC  to +25 oC. Avoid contacts with moisture!
Application time is 2 years.


“Dentine-Paste” (”STOMA“, Ukraine)
“Cimpat” (”Septodont“, France)
“Carbil” (”PSP Dental“, GB)